About Us

Bind Pharma, our goal is to become an international ploneer in the field of personel care and cosmetics by developing quality, innovative products in line with consumer needs.

Bind Pharma, with its employees, suppliers, business partners, customers and the community, strives to promote economic growth and the environmental change.

In addition to our technological production facilities, Bind Pharma, which draws attention with its detailed R & D studies and it’s expert staff overseeing product development,

produces products that comply with, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 22716 GMP, CE ( Medical Devices) and Halal quality standards.

We are a leading aerosol product manufacturer and we have a wide range of quality products such as Hair Care Products,Hair Shampoos(serums), Skin Cares etc. all of our products include patented brands or private labels in various forms that are sold in 5 Continents and 17 Countries in many international markets.

We continue our investments in export markets and in Turkey and many of our brands offer guaranteed satisfaction to our customers

Bind Pharma is the one-stop for all custom manufacturing and product development. Whether you are building a new brand or looking to help your current one reach its full potential, we have the experience and expertise to propel your business forward.

Bind Pharma knows that great products require the highest attention to detail. We strive to create perfection for your brands. Our team can help you with the initial consultation, brand development, creation of formulations and complete production of the final product with labeling and thorough quality checks. If you are looking to bring a hair/skin care product to market or continue the production of your current brand, Bind Pharma is the perfect partner to facilitate all your needs. Full turnkey services are available at Bind Pharma for all categories of products. We make it simple and easy to develop with us, start to finish.

Our Mission

We have a forward-looking perspective driven by the desire to help our collaborating customers reach their potential.

We aim to create high added value in our market by constantly improving production processes with an innovative approach.

Our Vision

Bind Pharma strives to manufacture using the best active ingredients to help retailers and premium brands get the best product for their customers.

While contributing to society and the industry, we adopt a culture based on accountability.

Our Quality Policy

To produce innovative, healthy, high quality and hygienic products that increase the quality of life of our customers, To continuously increase the efficiency of the business by following the technological developments.

To produce products in accordance with the relevant current legislation, communiqué and / or laws, Quality, Halal Food and Food Safety Standards and health rules in all processes.

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