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Create Your Own Brands Within Limited Budget. Bind Pharma offer’s a wide range of premium hair and skin products, while launching new products regularly.

The Process Getting Started with Private Label

1- Planning & Test Product
The success of every company initiative depends heavily on the planning stage. A successful product depends on every component, including the composition, packaging, branding, marketing, and distribution. Our professionals are here to help you every step of the process, from packaging to target demographics.

We understand how crucial it is to provide you the opportunity to test the goods that will carry your brand or company name. You should have faith in the superiority of the goods you are selling in terms of both performance and quality. You will be guided through the product selection and sample ordering processes by our knowledgeable customer service specialists.

2- Select Packaging from In-stock Collections
Bind Pharma works with premium packaging suppliers to offer one of the broadest options of in-stock packaging in the professional market, giving you the peace of mind that the containers your goods are offered in are dependable, stylish, and expensive. Use elements from several collections to create your own distinctive design. For ideas on packaging, we suggest making an appointment to visit our showroom, which has over 100 different package samples from different suppliers.

We will place orders with the packaging suppliers we work with on a regular basis to have them delivered straight to our warehouse once we have finalized your packaging and label options to meet the exact specifications of the customer. For products that have pending orders or that have developed a pattern with past orders, we will save the packing.

3- Be Creative & Name Your Brand
You may build a special product from which to sell and advertise your line with the use of personalized names and descriptions. This is especially advantageous for customers who want to expand their product line into a stand-alone skin care or hair care brand.

Moreover, customers have the choice of providing multilingual label text and color-coding product labels.

4- Create Logo & Product Label & Production
Our skilled graphic artists will assist you with translating your logo concept into a professional product label design, whether you are just starting out or already have a strong brand. Your prototype ideas and finished labels may be finalized easily and inclusively thanks to our editing and approval system. It can only take five days to examine and set up a simplified graphic. You can trust Bind Pharma to handle your design, labels, screen printing, packaging, and secondary packaging (boxes, bags etc.) Included is a start to end label. We will send you an invoice for a 50% non-refundable deposit when you submit your order for manufacturing.

This will cover all expenses related to our buying department placing orders for the packaging and raw materials needed to make your product. Lead times vary depending on suppliers, ingredients, geography, and other factors. We may start the production step after all components, such as ingredients, packaging, labels, etc., have arrived at our plant. We'll produce huge batches of the samples you've authorized. We carefully monitor the production process and do different quality control tests, treating your items with the utmost care and attention to detail. We will start filling your containers after the bulk product has been finished and subjected to quality control inspections. In a single line, your product will be filled, capped, labeled, coded, and sealed.

After we fill items into secondary packaging, we shall conduct another QA check. Case boxes will be used to package and mark your items for simple identification.

5- Place Your Order With Us & Start Selling
To make ordering and reordering your items simple, a special form with all the information specific to your business will be given. After label approval and placement of your initial purchase, you should anticipate receiving your first shipment in two to three weeks. Reorder times typically include 2 weeks' worth of transit time. You may mail your items using a variety of methods. You or our shipment coordinator can set up shipping. To obtain the most affordable shipping price, our shipping consultant will weigh your freight and get in touch with several freight carriers. As soon as your case packs are prepared, we will determine the whole inventory count.

Your invoice will be modified by our billing department to reflect the final tally and to include shipping charges. You could have to transport your goods to several distribution hubs, depending on your distributors. We can plan the delivery of your goods to several distribution facilities and give you the necessary documentation to give your distributor.


We have a zero-tolerance attitude when it comes to the caliber of our private label cosmetic goods. To ensure that all the cosmetic items we sell adhere to the standards demanded by our customers, we implement an exceptionally stringent quality control system.

Moreover, we guarantee that all of our private-label cosmetics are produced with the highest regard for the hygienic and health guidelines established by international law.


Green is the word we use to describe beauty.

We care about the environment as cosmetic makers, and we strive to make our private label cosmetics as green as we can. We pay attention to sustainability concerns and place utmost importance on environmental preservation and human safety while creating safe and efficient cosmetic products.

So let's become buddies if you wish to respect the environment!

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